Sunday, July 1, 2018

Golden Roufus

My husband has been watching this Roufus for days.

He is very territorial and has been chasing the other hummingbirds from one of the feeders.

A son and his wife spent an hour with my camera this afternoon, capturing the drama.

This was amazing.

The Roufus is beautiful.

When chasing the other hummingbirds, we could hardly see him in flight.

We didn't see any birds actually get hurt.

I can say that I'm glad this guy wasn't going after me.

The other hummingbirds sit and drink to their heart's content at the other feeder, but not at this one.  They race in and race out.

On some of his passes by the feeder, our Roufus would grab a bite.

My daughter-in-law changed all the settings on my camera in order to take these pictures.

It was worth it.

The sun was perfect, too.

As a final gesture, Mr. Roufus stuck his tongue out at us.

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