Wednesday, July 18, 2018

Mayhem at the Feeder

The hummingbirds made quite a disturbance at the feeder this morning.

My husband spotted a Rufous.  The one from last week had moved on, so this guy was new.

My company is gone, so I didn't have anyone to help me with the camera settings.

I did my best.

We have learned that the Rufous hummingbirds are very territorial.

This guy has chosen one of our feeders, and he won't let any other birds near it.

The sun was up, but not far enough.  I wanted to see his bright red neck.

This time I felt like my camera was cooperating, but it's hard to move that sun into place.

I don't think the birds are playing.  This guy is actually mean.

I took one last picture and then went inside for ten minutes.  Just ten minutes, is all.

When I stepped back outside, all was calm.

This is a black-chinned hummingbird.

The green bird is actually the female of that species.  Honest.  I looked it up.

So of course they let each other come and go without any problems.

I was holding still, looking through my camera.  I thought the bird on the right was the Rufous.

I was so surprised that they were peacefully sharing a meal.  Only when I looked at my photos did I realize the Rufous had left the scene.

Sometimes I don't feel like I have the time to watch the birds.  I'm glad I do it anyway.

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