Sunday, July 22, 2018

Rufous is Still Here

I was working on my Sunday School lesson this morning.  The back door is open because I know I have a sprinkler issue and the sprinkler comes on for 60 seconds at 7:58.  But look who was there.

Action at the feeders can escape my attention with the door closed, but with the door open, it's surprising how much noise hummingbirds can make.

I took my camera outside with me to check the sprinkler.

This is a black-chinned hummingbird, the male, and perhaps because he was so revved up from dealing with the Rufous, he buzzed me!

She came over for a look, too.  I think in my pajamas I would make a non-threatening target, but gosh, I had to duck.
And there in front of my eyes was this guy!  If I didn't need to work on this lesson, I could have spent more time outside.

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