Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Jetty Tank

My oldest son Dave keeps saltwater tanks. I enjoy watching him feed the anemone.  The night before, this guy's shrimp dinner was snatched from his grasp by a fish in the tank.
Dave tried again the next evening, feeding a shrimp to the anemone with extra-long chopsticks while his son distracted the fish with food.
I was actually talking to the anemone, telling him to hurry.
He closed in the nick of time, but that didn't keep the fish from dive-bombing the anemone, trying for a scrap.

Sunday, May 22, 2016

Attacked by a Hummingbird

I'm working on a Sunday School lesson with the back door open.  The hummingbirds are so distracting.  I stepped out to take a picture and this little guy came right over and studied my camera.  I had to step back to the door for fear he might fly inside.

Opposite Colors on a Sunday Morning

My hanging baskets are out.
I'm hopeful they will provide some fun pictures this summer.

Saturday, May 7, 2016

Spring Hailstorm

For this picture, I opened the back door and knelt on the floor.  Even with the hail flying at me, I was able to take several nice photos.

Erie Canal

I took these pictures along the Erie Canal.
Nature cooperated.
I had a light jacket.  The turtles needed the sun to warm up.
The goose and the turtle were a fun combination.
Goslings are hard to beat.
I could have walked for miles, but the grandchildren with me needed lunch.


With photography, sometimes you just get lucky.