Friday, June 11, 2021


I discovered this groundcover when I helped Ben fix the waterline to the timer for my hanging baskets.  I tried for two days to get a picture, but I realized these pretty little plants get about 2 minutes of sun a day.  I asked Ben what they are called.  He's so good:  Lamium.


Wednesday, June 2, 2021

Waning Crescent

I have taken a lot of pictures of full moons and lunar eclipses.  I am feeling that the waning crescent moon is under-appreciated.


Sunday, May 30, 2021


I had a fun afternoon with a little boy and his mother.


Thursday, May 27, 2021

Bye Bye Birdie

I had believed what I read about robins, and today was supposed to be the last day in the nest for the hatchlings.  I hid in the garage to get this picture.  Mom was ready, once again, to feed her babies.

This was gross and exciting at the same time.

Much later in the day Little Ben and I left the house for a walk around the block. I looked up to check the nest, and only one baby was there!  Oh, no! Where was the other?

I pulled my face out from behind the camera and immediately saw her, almost at my feet.  I likely missed her drop from the nest by seconds.

These last two weeks have been stressful.  Several times I was sure those babies were dead.  And now I thought baby brother had been abandoned by Mom.  I was very sad.

When Corinne got home, I showed her the pictures.  She raced out and raced right back in, practically dragging me outside.  The nest was empty.  Mom was in the tree.  She had spied the baby in the bushes.

We sneaked around my front yard like two burglars as we looked for the baby, and we found him!  He was just chillin' on a rock, happy to be out in the real world.  What an adventure this has been!


Robins, Day 14

I first saw these two hatchings 14 days ago.  My research has taught me that they will leave the nest any time now.  Even though the sun wasn't great, I took a picture, because I don't know if they will be here tonight.

The Columbine looked lovely in the morning sun.  While these are very delicate flowers, they love to spread.  I've never seen them in this particular location before.

All these blooms turned toward the rising sun.

I should know what's in my front flower garden.  I don't know what these are--I've never seen them before.  They seem to be in a prominent spot, so I'll keep an eye on them.

Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Feeding the Koi

The sun was perfect this evening for a cool picture.

Well, this picture is pretty cool, too.

Lunar Eclipse

This was our moon this morning at a quarter to 4.  I had a tripod in the driveway and I could see this over the top of the house, but just barely.

I walk every morning, and I didn't want to skip my walk, but I didn't want to miss the eclipse, either.

So I grabbed a 20-year-old backpack from the garage and and set out, tripod in hand.

The moon moves at 2200 miles per hour.  The earth moves at 66,000 mph.  And I was trying to get everything to hold still so my camera could focus.

My camera started to see weird things as the eclipse progressed.

I was having just the very best time.

By 5 am, the moon was very low in the sky.

Just as I came back to my neighborhood, I found the perfect place to see the moon between some trees.

And then the moon turned red.  I wasn't expecting that.