Saturday, May 13, 2017

High River

Ben and I walked to the river this morning.
A year of heavy snow means the river is very high.

We encountered some adventurous people.  Notice the tree behind the kayak.

I suppose I don't need to point out that trees don't grow in the river.

The river is often a very peaceful place.

My son and these two grandkids were near this spot last summer.  This bank is currently way under water.

An EMT fireman knocked on our door yesterday, warning us about the high water.  He doesn't want kids this close to the river right now.  But of course, last summer was different than this summer.

If your eyes are good enough to see the chicken wire, I'll explain that it generally keeps the beavers away.  I didn't see beavers today.

I did see this duck who was very busy eating. His beak never surfaced.

The water from the dam was stopped for several hours yesterday so crews could pull logs from the river.

Unfortunately, this is like painting the Golden Gate Bridge.

These trunks have been in the water for a long time.

This spot is a wonderful place to take kids.  Notice the rocks and the island

This is the exact spot today.  The rocks aren't even visible.  Neither is the island, except that bushy tree is on the island.

It was a little frightening for me to remember this scene from last summer.

This snail moved out of the way.

On my way home, I spied a noisy Kildeer.

Beautiful Dogwood was oblivious to the high water.

Setting the river aside, it is a lovely day.

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