Wednesday, May 26, 2021

Lunar Eclipse

This was our moon this morning at a quarter to 4.  I had a tripod in the driveway and I could see this over the top of the house, but just barely.

I walk every morning, and I didn't want to skip my walk, but I didn't want to miss the eclipse, either.

So I grabbed a 20-year-old backpack from the garage and and set out, tripod in hand.

The moon moves at 2200 miles per hour.  The earth moves at 66,000 mph.  And I was trying to get everything to hold still so my camera could focus.

My camera started to see weird things as the eclipse progressed.

I was having just the very best time.

By 5 am, the moon was very low in the sky.

Just as I came back to my neighborhood, I found the perfect place to see the moon between some trees.

And then the moon turned red.  I wasn't expecting that.

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  1. I totally forgot about Carolyn's birthday eclipse... But we likely would not have seen anything. I'm glad you got great photos. (Dave)